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Case Histories Updated to 2012

The treatments that I give are tailored to meet the individuals needs
The first 7 Case Histories are using mainly Organic Essential Oils together with internal cleansing.

All illness and disease treated with over a 90% recovery rate.

Cancer is the end form of a progressive infection caused by many things, some of which are -

1.  Common metals such as Aluminium, Mercury, Thallium etc

2.  Protozoa such as E Coli, Malaria, B Coli and other fungals

3.  Smoking, First and Second hand smoke with all its carcinogenic   chemicals

4.  Stress a second  added to any of the others listed here.

5.  Electromagnetic radiation, this is from mobile phones, computers, exposures to high voltage electricity, see for more information

6.  Poisons such as industrial & environmental

7.  Virus such as herpes

There are more but the thing to remember about cancer is that it ALWAYS has a cause, this cause HAS to be dealt with in the way that it can eradicate it, you cannot kill a metal, stress or poisons, these, like others, needs to dealt with in another way otherwise the chance of the cancer returning is more than possible.

Hepatitis A, B and C treated successfully

Herpes 1, 2 and Zoster treated successfully

Many stomach problems treated successfully

Case 1.

Young female 24yrs old. Severe pain in her spine, her chemical balance was dangerously low, pale, irritable, very tired all the time, severe period pain, menstruating every 2 – 3 weeks

History of huge lumps on her face, bigger than golf balls, full of brownish fluid, continually troubling her for months, initial cleansing and the lumps stopped.

After that small lumps remained under skin but never came to anything.

Was diagnosed with severe streptococcal and staphyloccal bacteria by a doctor.

Started with herbal cleansing and then proceeded to use the oils on her spine, she had severe scoliosis – her spine appeared to be broken on her bra line, this is where the severe pain was. Then the spine went off directly from that point, straight up approx 30 degrees to the right, ending up not in the centre of her neck, but over to the right.

I started using the oils and they made a difference but then I ordered Frankincense an oil that I didn’t have, as soon as she smelt the aroma of that oil, her nose and her whole body tried to follow it, she remarked “that is the nicest thing that I have ever smelt”

I used this oil and others on her immediately. Before this time I had been battling to get her chemical balance back to normal and keep it that way, and battling with her body as a whole. I used the Frankincense and the other selected oils and the results were so outstandingly dramatic.

1. The next day her chemical balance was normal
2. Within a couple of days her spine was once again straight.

I am not saying that Frankincense will do this for everyone. We are all individuals and what is good for one may not be good for another, but the brain always knows what it needs with regards to the Bango organic essential oils.

Case 2.

Adult male, E coli infection in his bladder. The blood tests showed an enormous amount of infection which was also affecting his blood pressure and pulse rate – they were high.

Within 2 weeks, after using the selected Organic Essential oils on his lower back, the infection had come down by 2/3, his blood pressure and pulse rate were back to near perfect

Case 4. 

Male 13 years old Asperger syndrome.  The family was under enormous stress with this young man’s problem.  The following morning after his first treatment, his mother phoned to say that her son woke up calm and that she was very happy with what was happening so far.  I gave him one more treatment with the Organic Essential oils and kept up the cleansing herbs for 6 weeks.  Six weeks after, this young man is acting normally.  I saw him again approximately 6 – 8 months later and his good condition was still remaining without any relapse of any kind.  His family are extremely happy and very satisfied.

Case 5.
Male in his 50’s and a woman in her 40’s with lower back problems.  Treatment with Organic Essential oils, I felt the spine under my hands click back into place – no problems since.

Case 6.  
Male with diagnosed heart problems.  The body as a whole as treated but the heart rate was still erratic and very slow.  I used Organic Essential oils and within 2 minutes the heart was beating correctly, and at the right pace.

Case 7.
Male with lower back problems for over a year, could not sleep at night because of the pain.  One treatment with Organic Essential oils and the pain was gone.
Many cases of Scoliosis healed with Organic Essential oils.
Lavender used by mums at home for accidents, it has stopped swelling, bruising and pain immediately. 


Case No 1.

Male age 56, symptoms - diabetes, huge hole extending right through the top of his foot due to an accident more than thirty years previous, never healed and continually discharging.  At two separate occasions skin grafts were tried but they didn't take. The whole foot to top of calf muscle a very dark to black colour and doctors were threatening to amputate that part of the leg. Also previous history of massive heart attack, resulting in the lower section of the heart dying.
Diagnosed with diabetes   Sugar level 21. 

Started treatment  -  Within eleven days sugar level down to 7.7.  One month later, the discolouration in his foot and leg receding to the middle part of his leg only. The hole in his foot was healing over, discharge was gone  Previous to treatment his face was a pale to grey colour 1 month later normal healthy colour back in his face.  With a big smile he stated that he felt better than he had in a long time.  Was on continuous medication for heartburn, has now ceased that due to the absence of the heartburn.
One month further on - sugar level stabilised under 10.  His doctor was astounded

Case No. 2.

Female 39.  Symptoms - A long history of bleeding from the bowel, severe stomach pains, cataracts on eyes.  Less than one month after starting treatment - no more bleeding, normal regular bowel movements, stomach pain gone and improved vision.

Case No. 3. 

Adult female  Symptoms- pain in hip, pain in groin, pain in leg, bloating stomach, and has a sallow complexion.  2 weeks after using some of the treatment recommended - pain gone from leg, normal healthy complexion and feeling the best that she has in a long while - Statement she made "I feel like my old self"

Case No. 4. 

Teenage girl - extreme lethargy, sleeping all day.
2 ½  weeks later back to a normal daily routine with much more energy and radiance.

Case No 5.
Female 32 year old  who suffers from Hypothyroidism, Asthma and Hypoglycemias.  3 weeks later feeling better, looking brighter and with a big decrease in mucus in her body.  Less than 2 months later she came off all her asthma medication. Six months later she is still off the asthma medication.

Case No. 6. 

Female 35 year old – Health history, Brain Tumour years before.  Now suffering from  headaches every second day, stomach pain everyday and extreme lethargy.  The brain tumour was operated on but not all could be removed.  Her skull was left open for 6 months so that a second operation could be performed but they could not remove all the tumour – now the suffering symptoms had returned and she was extremely worried.  The results of her operations were a lot of scar tissue and long-term medication.

I started her on treatment, soon after the headaches and stomach pain was gone, which didn’t return.  She was feeling extremely well.  Nine months later the  - very well - and given an all clear report from her specialist.  Words cannot express her jubilation. 

Case No. 7. 

Female Teenager Suffering for 2 weeks form swollen and sore glands, extreme tiredness - sleeping 22 hours a day, full of mucus, fever, coughing, sick in the stomach, continual headache.
2 days later this persons pH is feeling a lot better, able to work.  The quick result was also helped because of the menstrual cycle that started.

Case No. 8.  Female age 51.  Symptoms osteoporosis, arthritic pain in top finger joints of both hands 2 years, urinary problems, not sleeping well at night for last 6 months. Continual tiredness, some days more than others, stomach bloating, occasional muscle cramping, poor memory.

8 weeks after starting treatment the pain and most of the swelling has gone from the top finger joints.  Continual tiredness has gone, her statement " I feel great". 

Case No. 9.  Male age 54.  Symptoms arthritic pain and swelling in knee and shoulders so much so that his sleep is always disturbed, sometimes tired, stomach bloating, memory getting worse, Liver trouble.

This man was very wealthy and so went to the best doctors for operations, went to the best sports physiotherapists for relief but none was found

4 weeks after starting my treatment the pain was much less in his knee and not keeping him awake at night.6 weeks after starting treatment pain almost gone.

Case No 10 Male 68yrs old – diagnosed with High grade B cell Lymphoma and given 3 weeks to live.  He was rushed to Brisbane and underwent very invasive chemotherapy for approximately 7 months

He said that the doctors told him that the treatment was very aggressive but that it was necessary, and they kept giving him the treatment because they didn’t know how much he needed but eventually they were pretty sure that it was out of the spine, bone marrow and out of the body. He was told by the doctors that the chemotherapy that they gave him was a one time therapy and should the lymphoma return they couldn’t treat him with it again.

On Arriving home he felt that he was getting better. He resumed playing Crocket in May last year.

July he broke out in a lumpy rash all over his body, he had this in hospital 3 times previously but milder, but this time the chest and around the waist was affected.  Then his body started swelling with fluid.  His body was so swollen and inflamed and as if that wasn’t enough he was so cold and in bed all day trying to keep warm and alive.  The rash became much worse, he was covered with a scaly rash from head to toe which appeared very quickly over a couple of days, as a result he had to go to hospital

This mans condition rapidly declined and the foundation for cancer was reappearing as his body degenerated at an alarming rate.  His lymph glands were once again swollen, and  his blood test results were showing quite a number of alarming signs, one of which being a very weak immune system.

He was given medications by his doctor and oncologist to which he had major allergic reactions each time, so he had to discontinue these and he accepted my treatment only into his body.  After that he started to progress slowly but surely and on 18th May 2005 his oncologist told him that he was in remission.

His remarks, with a big cheesy grin on his face – “now I am going make an appointment with the optician to get new glasses because I know that I am going to live”.

He is back to a very active life, playing sport, gardening, socialising.

I asked him if his results were worth the battle, he said “what battle?”   He is a very excited man indeed.

Update – This man is now 74 yrs old and very well, no signs of cancer returning, he has much more energy than people his own age and at one stage this energy made him feel out of place when playing sport.  His oncologist, whom he sees now every 6 months, calls him the miracle man – he did tell his oncologist that he was treated by a Natural Health Scientist.

Case 11 Adult female – Health history Lupus – an incurable degenerating disease.  Her condition was deteriorating and her body was degenerating at an alarming speed.

Symptoms –
1.    loss of muscle strength in arms and legs,
2.    long and short term memory affected greatly,
3.    moments of brain freeze,
4.    slurring of words all the time,
5.    loss of fluent speech,
6.    continued and unrelentless agonising pain,
7.    extreme breathlessness,
8.    rash on face

She couldn’t even stand up without assistance, cross her legs, stretch out her arm, sit in a chair for more than 1 minute.  Nowhere was she comfortable, she had no freedom of mobility but was confined to bed as she didn’t have the strength left in her body to do anything else much.  Her condition was very grave and totally incurable.

My treatment – within 2 months after finally coming off all chemical and prescription medications she was pain free, able to get around and she was showing everyone that she could even run, which was such a huge achievement for her.  Her condition kept on improving and improving and she was able to do more and more, getting back her life.

Case 12
Adult male – symptoms Highish blood pressure, high pulse rate, pain in lower back, history of E-coli bacteria.  Urine test showed 600 leucocyte count which is very high, this high count showed pus and infection in his bladder.  Treated him to clean out his body and attack the bacteria with Bango organic oils.  Within 2 weeks the leucocyte level was down to 190, blood pressure and pulse rate normal.

Conclusion – There are many, many Case Histories that I could give, children that have suffered from nausea for years, an Adult who was having Epilepsy seizures, putting him in hospital continually and getting worse – all seizures now gone and leading a normal life. People that have suffered from Auto-immune problems, nervous disorders, mild to severe depression, stomach and digestive disorders, pimples, boils Parasites, Bacterial infections, Fungal infections, tired and exhausted. 

I work with each individual to help bring their body back to a good working condition and balance.  Read my pamphlet “How does good natural therapy work.

Don’t wait before having that check-up, know your body, how it operates and what it needs to keep it healthy.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mobile Phone Radiation and Applied Muscle Testing

Mobile Phone radiation testing and applied muscle testing
Applied muscle testing works on the body’s energy – electrical fields.  As the body electrical fields combine both organs and corresponding muscles, this then is an easy way to test each organ.  Also using this energy field and muscles, you can also check the body as a whole.
The famous Dr. Mercola has a lot to say regarding the effectiveness of “applied muscle testing”

Read it all but here is an exert –
I have learned that one of the most profound healing strategies next to prayer involves normalization of the body's electrical circuitry through testing the muscle strength in response to a challenge that is given to it.
I call this type of therapy muscle reflex testing (MRT), as that is how the treatment is performed. Our therapists generally use muscle strength as a guide to help them identify imbalances in your energy system. Yes, you do have an energy system that is every bit as real as your circulatory, nervous and immune system”.
Applied muscle testing can, and is the most powerful tool in testing Mobile Phone radiation.  As a Natural Health Scientist, I use this testing very successfully in every field of my work which led me to see the horrific damaging effects of Electromagnetic radiation in mobile phones and other electrical items.
In the course of testing the radiation of mobile phones, I also started testing to find a protective device against this radiation.  I tested a few devices and found that the SAR Shield was the one that worked.
There are many, many therapists and specialists who have tested the radiation from mobile phones and have all come to the same conclusion, it is very damaging to each and every cell in the body.
We need protection from the radiation from mobile phones, use the SAR shield, this is the one I have tested and found to be very effective.
Purchase yours now

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

FLU 2012 Be prepared, can be very severe

Right now there is a very severe bacterial flu going around and it is highly contagious.

With taking the right things, it should go within 2 days.

The people that are in more danger are the ones with a history of respiratory problems and for those with a weak immune system.  For these people, before any symptoms arise e.g. coughing, phlegm, wheezing, get onto Colloidal Silver "The Original", doesnt work for everything but this bacteria it does, have 2 droppers full morning and night. Also have fresh raw radish and capsicum, have some for lunch and some 1 hour before bed at night, these have natural sulphurs, and good mucus membrane cleansers in them.

Everyone else be aware. 

If you have already come down with the coughing and mucous discharge, either phone me immediately and book a 1/2 hr appointment to treat you individually and get the right with the added Organic essential oils on you with a massage - this helps enormously with getting rid of this flu fast.  Or get MSM Sulphur, it has to be one without any other ingredients in it you can get 100g from me for $8.00 or go to this website 


1.  MSM Sulphur

1/2 measured teaspoon in 1/3 glass of water 1/2 hr before breakfast and 1/2 hr before dinner at night do this for 3 days then increase to

3/4 measured teaspoon + above, for 3 days, then increased to -

1 measured teaspoon and stay on that for 2 weeks

After the 2 weeks, reduce back to 1/2 a measured teaspoon and stay on that for another 2 weeks.

2.  Radish and Capsicum daily lunch and before bed at night

3.  Colloidal Silver - get the brand name "The Original" as it has a smaller micron which makes it work very well.


First day - 2 droppers full morning and night
Second day - 3 droppers full morning and night
Third Day - 4 droppers full morning and night
Fourth and subsequent days for 2 weeks 5ml morning and night

4.  Also you need organic essential oils

Oregano diluted 1:4 with an organic carrier oil
Ginger diluted 1:2    "                "

Massage these on your chest, back and feet (ball of the foot top and bottom)

Dop this for 3 days, then stop the Oregano oil.

Oregano oil is an excellent anti bacterial, very strong but can only be used for 3 days at a time, after that it can then start to weaken the immune system.  Citronella oil can then take its place to continue the job until the problem has gone


1/2 hour consultation $50.00
MSM 100g $8.00
Oregano Oil already Diluted 12 ml $7.00
Ginger oil $15.60
Colloidal Silver from Health Food Stores

Saturday, 28 April 2012

WARNING - Antidepressants can be dangerous

He murdered his friend after taking this best selling drug
1.       There is a reason for depression, some people go through a traumatic experience in their life which has caused depression.
2.       Others are depressed and do not know why – this is physical depression and can be caused by
a)      Electrolyte imbalance
b)      Hormone imbalance
c)       Drug (over the counter or other) induced chemical imbalance
d)      Liver problems
e)      Virus
f)       Continued ill-health
g)      Nervous system problems

The answer to the first cause is not to go onto anti depressants long term as these could end up being the cause of endless ability to get back into life.  There is other good help for this, help that works.
The answer to the second cause is to find out what is going on in the body by a good Natural Therapist, if they are good, they will be able to find the answer, sometimes there is more than one thing happening in the body which causes these problems and the brain can only handle one thing at a time to remedy this situation, so be patient.  Phone and ask your Naturopath, Natural Health Scientist before you make an appointment if they have experience in this area and if they can help.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nail Polish - WARNING!!!

I have found the heavy metal Thallium in nail polish.  In every case but one, the Thallium went straight to the Thyroid gland causing many problem, even cancer showed up.  In one case, so far, I have found it in a lymph node along with another heavy metal, this lady was in a lot of pain.

Approximately 60–70% of thallium production is used in the electronics industry, and the remainder is used in the pharmaceutical industry and in glass manufacturing. It is also used in infrared detectors. Thallium is highly toxic and was used in rat poisons and insecticides. Its use has been reduced or eliminated in many countries because of its nonselective toxicity. Because of its use for murder, thallium has gained the nicknames "The Poisoner's Poison" and "Inheritance Powder" (alongside arsenic).

I have tested 2 nail polish brands that are marketed as non-toxic and have found that they do not contain heavy metals

1.  NTP Health products - select from  25
2.  Neways - select from 5

If you have been using an over-the-counter nail polish, there is a good chance that it is toxic.  If it has a strong aroma of a toxic nature, then it probably is.  Stop using this nail polish immediately, remove it, apply Organic Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil to your nails and thyroid, do this for 3 days, then if you want a good nail polish, ones that have been tested, look at the above sites.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Cancer, Illness and Disease

The Human body is a remarkable piece of workmanship which, given, the chance, can keep its health, or regain its health.
What are the biggest enemies of the Human body.
1. Parasites
2. Bacteria
3. Viruses
4. Fungus
5. Protozoa
6. Poor diet and/or Stress
7. Chemical medications and/or unnaturally manufactured medications
8. Electromagnetic radiation – from all electrical or battery gadgets
9. Poisons e.g. weedkillers, paint thinners, glue all chemicals including   formaldehyde in new carpets, chipboard, new unwashed clothing
10.Chemicals and metals in cosmetics, deodorants, soap, shampoo,    toothpaste etc.
What type of illnesses and disease can all the above cause?
Every imaginable condition from Cancer to a cough
From Item 6 – 10, these things weaken the immune system, items 1 – 5 are things that attach and then destroy the weakened immune body.

Road back to health
1. Replace all chemicals, poisons with better safer products, use an anti electromagnetic patch for protection, do not push your body, take time to live and relax, eat healthy life nourishing foods.
2. As all chemicals taken internally weaken the digestive system, the digestive system has to be corrected so that it can once again give the body the nutrients that are needed.
3. The blood which transports the nutrients and oxygen to the cells, then brings back out from the cells the waste matter needs to be kept clean.  The Kidneys do the cleansing of the blood but unfortunately when the digestive system is not functionally well, this in turn puts a large amount of waste matter into the blood, causing problems in the kidneys – these need to be cleansed.
4. The liver, which is called the main control centre of the body, can become overloaded, same as the lymphatic system, these need to be cleansed, if needed. Warning never try to cleanse the liver before first checking the kidneys as this can cause severe kidney problems
5. Items 1 – 5, if a quick 5 minute test shows that any one of these are present, then they must be dealt with swiftly.
When taking any supplements, it is very important to make sure that these supplements can be broken down and used by the individuals body as some cannot but can and usually do cause more problems.  Also supplement combining is very important as some supplements do not combine well with others.
This all seems very involved but I can assure you it’s not to a trained professional like myself it has simple steps
1.    Find the cause
2.    Look at the body as a whole and treat it that way
3.    Remove problems
4.    Bring back to health

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Mobile phone, plus protection shields

Visit the below site for good information on the best Electromagnetic Radiation protection shield.  These shields will protect from all types of electromagnetic radiation e.g.Mobile phones, all household appliances, power tools, all electrical and battery operated gadgets - they are all extremely damaging to the health of the human body.