Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mobile Phone Radiation and Applied Muscle Testing

Mobile Phone radiation testing and applied muscle testing
Applied muscle testing works on the body’s energy – electrical fields.  As the body electrical fields combine both organs and corresponding muscles, this then is an easy way to test each organ.  Also using this energy field and muscles, you can also check the body as a whole.
The famous Dr. Mercola has a lot to say regarding the effectiveness of “applied muscle testing”

Read it all but here is an exert –
I have learned that one of the most profound healing strategies next to prayer involves normalization of the body's electrical circuitry through testing the muscle strength in response to a challenge that is given to it.
I call this type of therapy muscle reflex testing (MRT), as that is how the treatment is performed. Our therapists generally use muscle strength as a guide to help them identify imbalances in your energy system. Yes, you do have an energy system that is every bit as real as your circulatory, nervous and immune system”.
Applied muscle testing can, and is the most powerful tool in testing Mobile Phone radiation.  As a Natural Health Scientist, I use this testing very successfully in every field of my work which led me to see the horrific damaging effects of Electromagnetic radiation in mobile phones and other electrical items.
In the course of testing the radiation of mobile phones, I also started testing to find a protective device against this radiation.  I tested a few devices and found that the SAR Shield was the one that worked.
There are many, many therapists and specialists who have tested the radiation from mobile phones and have all come to the same conclusion, it is very damaging to each and every cell in the body.
We need protection from the radiation from mobile phones, use the SAR shield, this is the one I have tested and found to be very effective.
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