Saturday, 28 April 2012

WARNING - Antidepressants can be dangerous

He murdered his friend after taking this best selling drug
1.       There is a reason for depression, some people go through a traumatic experience in their life which has caused depression.
2.       Others are depressed and do not know why – this is physical depression and can be caused by
a)      Electrolyte imbalance
b)      Hormone imbalance
c)       Drug (over the counter or other) induced chemical imbalance
d)      Liver problems
e)      Virus
f)       Continued ill-health
g)      Nervous system problems

The answer to the first cause is not to go onto anti depressants long term as these could end up being the cause of endless ability to get back into life.  There is other good help for this, help that works.
The answer to the second cause is to find out what is going on in the body by a good Natural Therapist, if they are good, they will be able to find the answer, sometimes there is more than one thing happening in the body which causes these problems and the brain can only handle one thing at a time to remedy this situation, so be patient.  Phone and ask your Naturopath, Natural Health Scientist before you make an appointment if they have experience in this area and if they can help.

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