Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Cancer, Illness and Disease

The Human body is a remarkable piece of workmanship which, given, the chance, can keep its health, or regain its health.
What are the biggest enemies of the Human body.
1. Parasites
2. Bacteria
3. Viruses
4. Fungus
5. Protozoa
6. Poor diet and/or Stress
7. Chemical medications and/or unnaturally manufactured medications
8. Electromagnetic radiation – from all electrical or battery gadgets
9. Poisons e.g. weedkillers, paint thinners, glue all chemicals including   formaldehyde in new carpets, chipboard, new unwashed clothing
10.Chemicals and metals in cosmetics, deodorants, soap, shampoo,    toothpaste etc.
What type of illnesses and disease can all the above cause?
Every imaginable condition from Cancer to a cough
From Item 6 – 10, these things weaken the immune system, items 1 – 5 are things that attach and then destroy the weakened immune body.

Road back to health
1. Replace all chemicals, poisons with better safer products, use an anti electromagnetic patch for protection, do not push your body, take time to live and relax, eat healthy life nourishing foods.
2. As all chemicals taken internally weaken the digestive system, the digestive system has to be corrected so that it can once again give the body the nutrients that are needed.
3. The blood which transports the nutrients and oxygen to the cells, then brings back out from the cells the waste matter needs to be kept clean.  The Kidneys do the cleansing of the blood but unfortunately when the digestive system is not functionally well, this in turn puts a large amount of waste matter into the blood, causing problems in the kidneys – these need to be cleansed.
4. The liver, which is called the main control centre of the body, can become overloaded, same as the lymphatic system, these need to be cleansed, if needed. Warning never try to cleanse the liver before first checking the kidneys as this can cause severe kidney problems
5. Items 1 – 5, if a quick 5 minute test shows that any one of these are present, then they must be dealt with swiftly.
When taking any supplements, it is very important to make sure that these supplements can be broken down and used by the individuals body as some cannot but can and usually do cause more problems.  Also supplement combining is very important as some supplements do not combine well with others.
This all seems very involved but I can assure you it’s not to a trained professional like myself it has simple steps
1.    Find the cause
2.    Look at the body as a whole and treat it that way
3.    Remove problems
4.    Bring back to health

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