Wednesday, 16 May 2012

FLU 2012 Be prepared, can be very severe

Right now there is a very severe bacterial flu going around and it is highly contagious.

With taking the right things, it should go within 2 days.

The people that are in more danger are the ones with a history of respiratory problems and for those with a weak immune system.  For these people, before any symptoms arise e.g. coughing, phlegm, wheezing, get onto Colloidal Silver "The Original", doesnt work for everything but this bacteria it does, have 2 droppers full morning and night. Also have fresh raw radish and capsicum, have some for lunch and some 1 hour before bed at night, these have natural sulphurs, and good mucus membrane cleansers in them.

Everyone else be aware. 

If you have already come down with the coughing and mucous discharge, either phone me immediately and book a 1/2 hr appointment to treat you individually and get the right with the added Organic essential oils on you with a massage - this helps enormously with getting rid of this flu fast.  Or get MSM Sulphur, it has to be one without any other ingredients in it you can get 100g from me for $8.00 or go to this website 


1.  MSM Sulphur

1/2 measured teaspoon in 1/3 glass of water 1/2 hr before breakfast and 1/2 hr before dinner at night do this for 3 days then increase to

3/4 measured teaspoon + above, for 3 days, then increased to -

1 measured teaspoon and stay on that for 2 weeks

After the 2 weeks, reduce back to 1/2 a measured teaspoon and stay on that for another 2 weeks.

2.  Radish and Capsicum daily lunch and before bed at night

3.  Colloidal Silver - get the brand name "The Original" as it has a smaller micron which makes it work very well.


First day - 2 droppers full morning and night
Second day - 3 droppers full morning and night
Third Day - 4 droppers full morning and night
Fourth and subsequent days for 2 weeks 5ml morning and night

4.  Also you need organic essential oils

Oregano diluted 1:4 with an organic carrier oil
Ginger diluted 1:2    "                "

Massage these on your chest, back and feet (ball of the foot top and bottom)

Dop this for 3 days, then stop the Oregano oil.

Oregano oil is an excellent anti bacterial, very strong but can only be used for 3 days at a time, after that it can then start to weaken the immune system.  Citronella oil can then take its place to continue the job until the problem has gone


1/2 hour consultation $50.00
MSM 100g $8.00
Oregano Oil already Diluted 12 ml $7.00
Ginger oil $15.60
Colloidal Silver from Health Food Stores

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