Monday, 4 July 2011

How does Good Natural Therapy work


Abounding health is a wonderful gift, and it is possible to be within reach of all of us, sick and healthy alike.
The body is a complete working system designed with great precision to renew itself and to keep itself in optimum working condition.  It has the ability to take in all the vital nutrients for total health and longevity.  Its effectiveness to give itself life and health in regeneration, regulating and cleansing is without compare but so often this information and ability has been overlooked and because of this the body falls victim to disease.  
The first thing we have to understand is that the human body  is NOT a stomach by itself, a brain by itself, a kidney, a liver, a colon etc. and so cannot be treated as such.  It is a system with all of these involved to make it a COMPLETE WORKING SYSTEM. 

The Body Cannot Function to its FULL and planned capacity without all the parts working properly together.  Trying to treat a lone symptom or the effect of a virus or disease is not the answer. The answer is found in the complete health of the body and to bring that whole body back to optimum working order

The life and health of our body is controlled by the health of the digestive system, blood, elimination organs and immune system.


The body is equipped to handle a certain amount of waste matter very efficiently but accumulated waste results when the digestive system is not working properly and the elimination organs and immune system are no longer able to thoroughly and easily get rid of that waste.

We are living in a generation where pollution is all around us, the majority of foods are either riddled with chemicals or we are eating the ones that are just not good for us.  The body filters and elimination organs are deluged with waste and if this continues they will start to clog causing all our problems, even death.

This waste matter which can start building up before birth, then goes into the blood dramatically affecting its health, the health and eventually the health of the entire body.  In time it will then clog areas of the body, including kidneys, liver, lymph glands, arteries, veins and colon - causing disease and affecting various other organs and parts of the body.  This waste matter, in the elimination organs, becomes putrefied and decayed.

If the kidneys and liver are not cleansed from this waste matter, then these organs will not be able to do their job of cleaning the blood.  As a result the waste matter will stay in the blood and then will start to affect the weakest parts of the body.

This matter starts accumulating long before there is any sign of illness.  As an unborn baby that feeds through the placenta of its mother, the baby is also affected by the health of its mother through that same placenta.  At birth the baby, for the first time, has a time of eliminating all the waste that has built up over the last nine months.  It is very able to do this quickly, given the opportunity, as its blood is thin and flows easily for the first week.

It is of upmost necessity to get rid of this matter and to bring health, strength and vitality back to the body but it will not leave with something as simple as a quick change in diet or vitamin and mineral supplements.  

The body further deteriorates with this waste matter causing the pH (acid and alkaline) balance in our body, to now be a pH imbalance. 

If your body has become ill or diseased then changing the diet will help and it is a must but if that is all you do then you will have a long hard, frustrating, emotionally wrecked road in front of you.  You may have already tried changing your diet and going onto vitamins but the results just weren’t there.

My study and experience has shown that changing the diet and using vitamins are very necessary but the illness or disease has to be dealt with first.  ITS HOLD ON THE BODY MUST FIRST BE LOOSENED.

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